My Art Journey

After losing my son Michael and my husband Rich in 2006 and 2007, respectively, I went back to school to obtain a Graphic Design degree to explore my artistic side;  to educate myself with the newest digital technology and to expand my photography knowledge.  My goal at the time was to create and publish an art book to illustrate my late son's artwork. This became the way to deal with the tremendous grief that I was experiencing.  After I graduated in 2009, I continued my graphic's education by taking online courses entitled Photoshop Artistry  with Sebastian Michaels. He and his art courses inspired me creatively and emotionally during a very difficult time in my life. Since then, I have moved to West Palm Beach, Florida to retire. I am continuing my pursuit of all things artistic in fresh new ways. While I still love the digital work, I am now combining it with hands on drawing and painting and collage work.


Celebrate the Artist
in memory of Michael V Gmitter

Before my husband passed in 2007, he and I were able to establish a Memorial Art Scholarship at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania in the name of our most beloved son, Michael.  The juried art exhibition is held each year in the Bruce Gallery on the Edinboro campus. You can click on the link below to see the details of this memorial event.

CELEBRATE THE ARTIST the Michael V. Gmitter Memorial Art Scholarship.

Work your grief up into art and it is gone.